It is a very light and easy to carry alternative to your big old towel  at "Wherever You Meet the Water."

It is super absorbent! It absorbs water faster than a high quality thick towel but doesn't get as heavy .Besides it is super absorbent, it dries instantly.

Despite it is longer and wider in size than a regular bath towel, it is thin woven; therefore it covers only 1/5 of a bath towel space in your duffle, back pack or closet. Easy to carry. 


It is very light and has an amazingly natural feeling when you wear them.

They come in variety of beautiful colors and designs.

It makes you look very elegant and yes, sexy!!


Made from all-natural materials, either hand woven or machine woven using an authentic technique.

You can launder at least ten peshtowels instead of one terry bathrobe.

They dry fast so you don't even need to run your dryer. 

Less detergent, water and electric power . 

It is durable, colorfast and gets softer after each wash.

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Peshtowel which is originally known as peshtemal is a traditionally hand-woven, fringed bath towel which has been used as a part of Hammam culture in Anatolia for over 600 years.Turkish Bath (Hammam) is the ancient form of modern spa concept . This special towel is used to cover the body by wrapping it around while using these public bathing facilities.
As years pass and people surrounded by technology, they tend to leave their traditions behind and use the products that are far from natural sources. However, because many people nowadays tend to seek more natural and eco-friendly products, this special authentic cloth has been revived both in wrap and bathrobe forms and already taken its place as a highly demanded product mainly in Turkish and European markets.

At the Beach or Pool

Use it as a :
Beach towel, Cover-up or pareo, Lounge chair cover¦.
What else do you need ?
One peshtowel, thats all !!
Spa, Massage Salon 

With it's soft, light and highly absorbent texture, peshtowel is very a handy and useful alternative in spa usage.

Gym,Yoga, Swimming pool

Perfect choice for drying yourself off following a nice shower right after workout or swimming.
Takes up only 1/5 of a towel space in your duffle.

Sauna, steam Room

These are the places that germs love to live. Using a pestowel as a wrap at these public places will protect you from germs.

Travel Towel
It is a space saver!!

A Must Have in Your Luggage or backpack!!
 Great for cruise or yacht  and trips, camping.
It can also be used as a travel blanket or shawl, as a picnic blanket or for baby care..

Once you use, you won't believe how versatile and useful it is!

And, off course at home, every bath time feels like a luxurious spa experience.

After a relaxing shower or bath, don't get sweat again while you are trying to dry yourself with your heavy towel or bathrobe. 
Peshtowels / bathrobes made from the same fabric are very light and they absorb water as soon as you put it on your body. 
With its soft, silky, luxurious feel and super absorbency, you won't even want to take it off.

"Wherever You Meet the Water..."