"The Most Ancient Way of Peeling"

It is a natural hand mitt used in traditional Turkish baths-hammams for over 5 centuries in order to exfoliate the dead skin and dirt. 

Recently, the importance of exfoliating the skin has rediscovered and become more popular under the name of peeling or spa treatments. 

Bath mitt, the essential factor of the traditional Turkish Bath 'Hamam,' provides you the most effective, affordable and convenient way of having a natural, full body peeling and spa treatment in the comfort of your home. 

All you need is a hot bath environment and water. When the mitt gets wet the natural fiber inside swells and does the exfoliation itself .

Why is it important to exfoliate our skin on a regular basis?

Oxygen, the most important need of our skin, is taken by the skin pores.

The accumulation of the dead skin that we shed every day, the oil that our body produces, and the dust in the air prevent our skin not only to get the necessary oxygen it needs, but also reduces all the benefits you get from your skin care products .

Unless the layers of dead skin is removed, the new skin cells underneath will not surface, therefore, none of the skin care products , if used, will be able to penetrate and reach at the skin cells efficiently.

Eco friendly, 100 % Natural
What are the benefits ?

 . Provides cleanliness you have never experienced before.
 . Instantly removes all the dead skin cells.

 . Accelerates the blood circulation of skin and vitalize the skin cells.

 . Lets your skin breathe and eliminates the toxins.

 . The most effective method to reduce cellulite, if used on a regular basis. 

 . Opens clogged pores and prevents the formation of black heads and acnes.

 .  Improves skin tone and firmness.

 .  Removes skin impurities and irritations.

 .  Prevents ingrown hair to occur.

 .  Softens and brightens the skin.

 .  Reduces the effects of aging by helping regenerate skin cells, aids penetration of your favorite skin care products and enhances their effectiveness.

 .  Contributes to your wellness and relaxation.

 .  Recommended by many dermatologists and estheticians.
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How to Use ? 

​ . Wet the mitt with hot water, squeeze.

 . Do not use soap, shampoo, body wash or similar products while exfoliating. Contacting with soap diminishes the effectiveness of it's natural structure. When the cloth gets wet the natural fiber swells and works itself.

 . If sauna or steam room environment is available, sweat well, if not, take a steamy, hot bath or shower.

 . Gently massage your face and neck with circular movements using your mitt. While exfoliating the body, continue the application with long vertical, horizontal or diagonal movements until the dirt comes out. Do not scrub the same area vigorously, since it may cause abrasions to the surface of the skin.

 . After the application, rinse the dirt off of your body and take a soapy shower. Always prefer a natural soap.

 . Apply your favorite moisturizer or lotion.

 . Do not use more than once a week. For cellulite problems however, applying a gentle massage with the mitt is highly beneficial during daily showers.

 . Rinse well and air dry after using. Do not contact with chemical products.

 . For personal use only. Do not share your mitt with others.

 . If you take care of this authentic bath mitt well, in return, it will take care of you for years. 

"Wherever You Meet the Water..."