A Harmony of a Natural, Eco-friendly and Authentic product line and Aqua, the source of life.....

The growing awareness of sustainable living has changed the trends in consumer choices.

Many people nowadays tend to seek more natural and eco-friendly products that are free of toxic compounds, made using natural and renewable resources, and energy, water/wastewater efficient.

At AQUATHENTIC, you will find a natural and authentic eco friendly bath and body product line for your retail, spa and hotel businesses.

Our Peshtowel , originally known Peshtemal or Turkish Hammam towel, is an authentic innovation! It is an amazing alternative to regular towel which will reduce the energy and water consumption of the spa and hotel businesses.

The Authentic Bath Mitt is a natural, ecofriendly alternative to disposable or chemical  products  for face and body exfoliation. The secret of a healthy and glowing skin has been revealed from a centuries of tradition.

Olive, Laurel (Daphne) and wild pistacia trees are among the natural flora of Southern Turkey.
Our authentic, all natural soap collection of Olive Oil, Laurel Oil and the  unique Wild Pistacia Oil soaps has brought you the purity of a centuries of tradition of Mediterranean region.

Switching from harsh commercial soaps to natural soaps does not only provide a healthy skin but also reduces the amount of harmful chemicals that is mixing with the wastewater.

You can reduce your ecological footprint and contribute the well being of Earth with your choices.

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"Wherever You Meet the Water..."